The PTFC Trust will bring together supporters of the club and give them a voice in the future direction of the club.

The PTFC Trust will act as custodians of the club, by holding a majority shareholding in the club, providing stability and a means for passing the club from one generation of fans to another, whilst protecting against the risks posed by external ownership.

The PTFC Trust will work closely with the club to ensure regular two-way dialogue exists between the club, its board and the supporters.

A secure and stable Partick Thistle representing the long-term interests of the fans by promoting success both on and off the pitch.  

Our Values

A trusted, positive and collaborative relationship with the fans is critical to the success of this proposal and to delivering Colin Weir’s wishes.

Consultative – The vision & strategic direction will be developed in collaboration with the fans to ensure buy-in.

Visible – The board of the PTFC Trust will be visible to supporters and beneficiaries of the Trust.

Approachable – Ensure that the fans see the Trust as an extension of them and a group that shares and represents their aims and interests.

Attentive – The Trust board can demonstrate that it listens to its beneficiaries and seeks to communicate the collective desire of the fans to the club and relevant third parties.

Democratic – The board of the PTFC Trust are elected by the beneficiaries.

Accountable – The board of the Trust are accountable to its beneficiaries at all times. Trustees will operate under the practice of collective responsibility.

Stability – The board will promote stability within the Trust and in its relationship with the club at all times.

Open communication – Encourage regular dialogue with fans and be seen to share all relevant information with them.

Approachable – The Trustees can be approached easily in person on match days or via email and social channels. These will be monitored regularly to ensure items raised are addressed within reasonable timescales.

Respectful – Respect will be given to all Trust beneficiaries, Trustees, club board members players and employees, other fans and the general public at all times. Behaviour which does not meet these standards will not be tolerated.

Our Proposal

You can download our full proposal to 3 Black Cats here…